Fashion with heart and soul.

One night in 2009, I was having dinner at Good Luck, a Rochester restaurant that had just opened. I loved the space. I looked around the room and noticed that a lot of my customers were there, too. That’s when it hit me. I leaned over to Henry and said, “This is where I’m going to do my first fashion show!”

Since then, we’ve done two fashion shows a year—nine shows and counting. Henry and I do all of the logistics, working with a team of electricians and carpenters, photographers and videographers. My sister Mimi does all of the styling—usually 60+ multi-piece looks for just one show!

Along the way, we’ve collaborated with some of the most talented hair and makeup stylists in town. Accessorized with millions of dollars of spectacular bling from our friends at Mann’s Jewelers. All modeled by some of Rochester’s most dazzling real women—not professional models. The standing-room-only shows have become one of Rochester’s most glamourous events, with front-row seats typically selling out in less than a day. And the best part: the shows have helped us raise over $200k for Wilmot Cancer Center.