What I do here Owner, help customers, do all the buying

How I define style Style is how you feel about yourself; it's confidence!

My favorite thing about being in Rochester It feels like home.

My personal style Minimal, understated, but chic.

What I like to do when I'm not working Watch old black & white movies.

Why "Dado" It's my nickname!



What I do here Stylist for all fashion shows, help customers, inspect every garment that comes through the door, window dressing.

My fashion icon A woman who wears her size, who doesn’t follow fashion fads and who’s not afraid to mix old and new pieces to create something fabulous.


What I would do if I wasn't doing this  Hard to say since I have many interests. But for now: knitting and more knitting!

My favorite quote "More is coming."

How I describe Rochester's personal style Eclectic.




What I do here Help customers, help with fashion shows.

My personal style Like the style blogger The Man Repeller I love oversized everything! I also like color, patterns and accessories.

What I love most about working in fashion Seeing the newest trends for the season and helping people pick out an outfit for a special day.


Overheard in dressing room “I need to lose weight!” and “How do I cover up these rolls?!”

I wish Rochester women would Take more risks and step outside their comfort zone—one item at a time!